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Thursday, September 28, 2006

MGE's Extemely Local News Edition - Adopt a Statue

Recently, I wrote about defunct courses that remain as compelling modern day ruins in the landscape, a faint reminder of the fun and colorful balls that once graced the artificial turf and green carpet. What is the fate of all of those golf obstables when they are not left to gracefully and slowly decompose or are unceremoniously allowed to be denegrated in the name of entertainment a la Jackass the Movie?

Smiling after the destruction

They become lawn ornaments of course! Pink flamingoes, platic deer (why do I always see them in yards where real deer might actually be found), and other pre-fab animals have long had their place on American lawns. Jamie Taylor of Columbus, GA adopted a giraffe from a course doomed for demolition and has been proudly displaying it on the front lawn ever since.

Geoffrey the adoptee

Will this be the start of an adopt a mini golf statue movement? I certainly hope so. It would be the perfect gift for the person who has everything while preserving just a little piece of Americana.

Image: agility, Columbia Ledger Inquirer



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