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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2006 Harris Cup Miniature Golf World Championship

This past weekend mini golfers from around the world (160 to be exact) descended upon Center Valley, Pennsylvania at the Putt U golf course to compete for the 2006 Harris Cup. Congratulations to Roger Beckerman of Ohio who shot an 86 in two two rounds, an impressive 26 strokes below par. For his efforts he is now $3,000 richer.

Putt U, the site of the 2006 Harris Cup

The New Jersey Express Times (subscription required) interviewed Randy Bloch course designer and owner of Putt U to learn a little more about the course:

'It's real miniature golf,' Bloch says. 'It's golf that's miniature.'

The course has water hazards and waterfalls, sand traps with real sand in them, roughs and some pretty difficult shots along rolling fairways. And it uses the Harris signature technique of lining the sides of the fairways with brick pavers.

'There are 14,000 bricks,' Bloch says, 'and 14,000 chances to get a bad bounce.'

...'This hole" Bloch says of No. 14, may be the most difficult miniature golf hole in Pennsylvania,' adding that the Keystone State has the largest number of mini golf courses in the country.

While I have a predilection for courses with crazy objects and generally have a bit of distate for those that replicate "big" golf, I have to admit that this course looks interesting. You can see each hole if you visit the Putt U website, a very nice feature that I wish more courses would replicate.

Putt U's Course Stats (from the New Jersey Express Times):

Course length and par: Blue Course, 1,213 feet, par 56; Red Course, 1,202 feet, par 56.

Longest holes: 91 feet, par 4 on the red course; 91 feet, par 4 on the blue course.

Shortest holes: 49 feet, par 3 on the red course; 46 feet, par 2 on the blue course.

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