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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Virtual Golf Games of the Month

Here at the Mini Golf Enthusiast, all forms of the mini sport have their place. Whether its raining, you feel like wasting a little of your time on this earth, or the mini golf courses are closed because they are buried underneath inches of frozen participation, what is better than a game of virtual mini golf? Earlier this summer, Orbitz fulfilled one of my dreams and created (through the Orbitz Games site) a build you own mini golf hole game. Course designers had several weeks to create holes which were then rated by players. They claim that the top rated holes will be used to create an 18 hole golf course for the Orbitz Games site. Right now you can practice on some of the top rated holes until the final 18 hole course is complete. I don't understand why some of the holes are so highly rated, but there are some fun and challenging designs. Just a word of caution, they do tend to repeat the holes quite frequently. I took them up on their offer and created dozens of holes which I am anxiously awaiting to learn if any made it to the final 18.

Because I have a ravenous appetite for all forms of mini golf, I scoured the web and found a fun and interesting (and most importantly) free golf game called Tiger Golf.

Miniclip Games - Tiger Golf
Tiger Golf

Take on the tricks and traps of this fiendish golf course.

Play now!!

The animation is engaging and what I find most interesting about it, is that it does not replicate "real life" mini golf. It feels more like a cross between Mario Brothers and more standard mini golf video games. I find it quite addictive and nice way to waste time that I do not have.


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