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Sunday, September 17, 2006

War Meet Golf, Golf Meet War

Combat Golf. Sounds like a computer game or some crazy extreme hybrid sport you play in the woods, right? It isn't. As reported in The Post and Courier, Combat Golf is just one of the many American style distractions available in Camp Anaconda, an air base located 42 miles north of Bhagdad. When the enlisted feel a little homesick or long for a much deserved moment of distraction, they may see the latest Hollywood movies, workout, or try their luck on the war-themed miniature golf course where soldiers can momentarily forget (?) the real war at hand as they duck and dodge barbed wire traps and concrete barricades. Call me crazy, but it sounds as though the men and women over there could use a few clowns, tiki statues, or volcanoes. But then again, I am just a civilian. Perhaps the idea could be imported back to the U.S., although it looks as though at least one course has a head start.

Bombs Away!

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