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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Serious Golf and Tips From the Pros

Pro-level mini golf reminds me of advertisements for Peek Freans cookies imprinted on my brain as a child:

Peak Freans are a very serious cookie.
They're made for grown-up tastes.
Peak Freans are much too good to waste on children.
Oh they're serious, very serious.
If you're a grown-up or plan to be one, you'll know what we mean.
It may seem like child's play, but pro mini golf is indeed, serious business. If you want to play and win the Mini Golf Ryder Cup, the British Mini Golf Association's Open tournament, you had better leave the whimsical obstacles behind, and put on your "A game." This "kids game" is a very serious affair filled with technique, practice and skill. For aspiring Pros, I found the tips on the strategic heating and cooling of mini golf balls a little frighteningly intense, but nonethless informative.

For the moment, I will stick with my own strategy, picking the ball that most closely matches my outfit.

Image: Emo Squid

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