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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Art of Golf Take Two

In a previous post, I wrote about mini golf courses created by artists and lamented that they unfortunately, only had a brief existence, sometimes as short as a few hours. At best, some courses may last a few weeks as an art installation. I then suggested what I thought was a pretty good idea, if I say so myself, a permanent artist inspired golf course.

My hopes and dreams have come true. Unfortunately for me, they've come true far, far away in North-East Britain. In Northumberland, the Art and Architecture Programme at Kielder commissioned artist Wolfgang Weileder to create a mini golf course for Leaplish Waterside Park. While I cannot confirm its "permanent" status, it certainly seems to be a long-term art installation.

Titled Mapping, the 13 hole course derives its inspiration from the historical landscape of the area and innovatively, a player need not play the course in any specific order, start point, or end point. A player chooses the level of difficulty for each hole depending on where he or she places the ball. The scorecard helps players decide their course of action (ha, couldn't resist that pun).

The project sounds both fun and educational. While I hope to be able to visit this course, I also hope to find one a little bit closer to home. If anyone knows of one please let me know.

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