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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Miniature St. Andrews

What do you get when you mix alchohol, Playboy Playmates, indoor gallery space, hay-style AstroTurf, and a replica of the Swilcan Bridge in St. Andrews? One heckuva testosterone-filled, kilt-clad, whisky-ignited promotional event that offers a downscale, some might say, mini golf challenge. The Chicago Sun-Times recently described how a Scottish whisky company created a nine hole indoor golf course meant to mimic the grass (reportedly thicker and wilder than its Amercian counterparts) and design of the one the most famous big golf courses in the world, St. Andrews.

Big St. Andrews

Those over 21 years of age (and apparently males) in the Chicago area have until October 20th to play the course free of charge. From there, it will green indoor spaces in Philadelphia, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Denver and San Francisco.

Have a whisky for me.

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