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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sending Vintage Golf - The Good Ol' Days

In my obsessive quest to provide comprehensive resources of all things mini golf, I thought I would share some sites I found that feature images of mini golf's golden past. It can be difficult to find historic images of the sport, but a surprisingly rich and geographically varied historical record may be found in vintage postcards. While some of the sites' primary purpose is to sell postcards, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a little virtual window browsing (pun fully intended). has a nice collection of European courses.

A small collection of Asbury Boardwalk (NJ) images may be found at has an excellent collection of European and US courses.

If you have the patience to click on each item for sale, also has a nice collection of images. Don't forget to use the search terms miniature golf and mini golf.

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At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Marty Weil said...

I'm glad you featured this ephemera. Old paper is often under-appreciated. I feature similar ephemera on my blog at

I enjoy your blog and thought this was a very cool post. Thanks for featuring it.


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