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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Favorite Featured Golf Hole #2 - Loop-the-Loop

Par-King Skill Golf, in Lincolnshire, IL consistently receives local and national attention for its unique obstacles and well-maintained courses (two of them). Unlike Novelty Golf in Lincolnwood, IL (can't say we aren't proud of Lincoln's tenure in our state), the previous location of a mini golf hole favorite, where the lack of maintenance and course design create some very difficult challenges, Par King's courses are meticulously upkept and beautiful to look at but not very challenging. (They themselves will admit that.) This should not lead you to think that they are not fun to play, however.

Hole #9 on the Red Course, features a gravity-defying loop-the-loop. First you need to putt your ball into an opening at the bottom of the elevator/conveyor, the primary challenge of this hole. If you miss, other more conventional (and, might I add, far less dramatic) paths to the golf cup may be used. If you are lucky enough to reach the conveyor, using whatever means necessary, then the anticipation builds as you watch your ball slowly ascend to the top through a plexiglass opening made just for that purpose.

"Super Looper" Hole at Par-King in Lincolnshire, IL

Then gravity works its magic as the ball falls downward into the loop, whipping around (you can't take your eyes off of it or you will miss it) then it makes another short ascent after the loop where the ball is guided to the green below. Players of all ages, yours truly included, seemed captivated by both the speed and physics of this hole.

This is a beautifully executed, dynamic, unique and addictive hole that makes you want to come back for more and more. I never tired of watching the ball cascade down the ramp or the look of amusement and fascination on players’ faces. Height and speed are captivating and you get both with Par-King’s #9.

Image: MGE

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