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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alligator Pranks

With a headline like, "Alligator Stolen From Mini-Golf Course" one imagines young rapscallions absconding with fiberglass replicas of their toothy real-life counterparts. Not so. The St. Petersburg Times reports (with multiple misspellings I must add) that a group of men and women were caught on security cameras stealing alligators from the Congo River Adventure Golf Course's Pond in Clearwater, FL.

All types of alligators present their own dangers to mini golfers.

The pranksters took off with REAL alligators who call the mini-golf course home. The manager of the course had these words of wisdom to share, “This a dangerous prank...These people are not particularly concerned about being bitten or anything. They just want the gators.”

This gives a whole new meaning to a mini golf water hazard.

Image: Face Value

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